Daily Food Plans

Daily Food Plan for Preschoolers

Create an eating plan for your preschooler.

Enter your child's information below for a customized Daily Food Plan. The Plan will show what and how much your child should eat to meet his or her needs. It will also provide ideas to help you plan meals for your preschooler.

*Enter your child’s information:

Physical Activity: Select the amount of physical activity that your preschooler does over the course of a typical day. This does not have to occur all at once. What counts as Physical Activity for a preschooler?


Use the Daily Food Plan as a guide to help you feed your preschool child. Do not be concerned if your preschooler does not eat the exact amounts suggested. Each child’s needs may differ from the average, and appetites can vary from day to day. While the amount eaten daily may vary, the average amounts over time should be similar to this plan.

Learn about the Food Groups:
  Protein Foods

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