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students following MyPlate in the dining hallMyPlate On Campus Ambassadors rely on the support of their campus community. Colleges and universities, as well as entities within the schools, such as nutrition and food science departments, student and peer groups, food service departments and personnel, and school administrators, can promote the MyPlate On Campus initiative, encourage students to volunteer their time as MyPlate On Campus Ambassadors, and facilitate related activities. 

Faculty and staff can administer the MyPlate On Campus Ambassador Quiz (answer key) as a follow-up activity to the Ambassador Training Module (PDF).

Here are some ways you can support MyPlate On Campus:

School Administrators

  • Announce your commitment to support the MyPlate On Campus initiative.
  • Highlight accomplishments of MyPlate On Campus Ambassadors.
  • Set a challenge for accomplishing a campus-wide health and wellness goal (e.g., improving the food environment, or improving student/staff/faculty healthy food choices and physical activity habits using the SuperTracker).

Food Service

  • Provide healthy meal options on campus.
  • Provide nutrition information for meal options in dining halls.
  • Work with MyPlate On Campus Ambassadors to market healthy options to students.
  • Offer healthy cooking demonstrations or recipe and cooking competitions on campus.

Student Oragnizations (student life, sport teams, student government, clubs, etc.)

  • Invite MyPlate On Campus Ambassadors to present at a student meeting.
  • Advertise MyPlate On Campus Ambassador activities in organization newsletters or via listservs.
  • Designate a MyPlate On Campus Ambassador for your organization and collaborate on events.

Campus Media

  • Advertise MyPlate On Campus Ambassador activities in the campus newspaper, campus website, campus TV station, campus radio station, and other media outlets; provide messages supporting MyPlate in daily newspapers, online college news outlets.
  • Share messages supporting MyPlate on student-focused campus social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Nutrition, Food Science, Public and Community Health, Culinary and Hospitality Management Food Service Management, Fitness, Wellness, and Recreational Departments, and Campus Health Centerstudents on campus

  • Promote the MyPlate On Campus initiative to students.
  • Incorporate the MyPlate on Campus initiative into course plans and activities, and syllabi.
  • Offer credit to students for registering as MyPlate On Campus Ambassador and hosting MyPlate activities on campus.
  • Support and conduct on-campus webinars or “lunch and learn” opportunities for the student body.

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